May 23, 2016 3 min read

The world resists change but it is the only thing that has brought forth progress.

Hey Lady Loves,

Thanks for visiting and checking out my 1st blog post here at She's Free Body Care & Co. (aka She's Free). I can’t even begin to tell you what it took for me to get here.  When I say "here", yes I do mean me writing this post and being in a position where I am actually excited to connect and share.

Let me just tell you, the last two years have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride (more on that later) and so I am truly grateful to be where I currently am.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Precious. I am a wacky girl from Pittsburgh, PA, currently living in Atlanta.  I love green things (nature and food), art, God, changing my hair often, natural body care (I guess that was obvious), hanging out with with girlfriends, and helping young women thrive. I tend to be a bit of a free spirited, creative, flower child - hence my non-conforming ways. My superpower is my INTUITION and my weakness is CHOCOLATE (hey, can you blame me?):)

Before launching She's Free I practiced wellness coaching and had a health and wellness company, Nutritional InnerG. Though I have not officially closed down Nutritional InnerG and I am technically still a wellness coach, I use the past tense words (had/practiced) because I am learning to adapt to the changes of life, let go, and trust God.

If you’ve worked on something as closely as I did with my clients and company you might imagine how challenging it has been to move to the space that I am in today – where I am letting go.

Even if you can't imagine, the reality is, life will present us all with situations that call us to have to change some aspect of ourselves or our life. While it is human nature crave comfortability and consistency, the more we cling to what's comfortable, the more harm we end up doing ourselves.  The other truth is this... 

If we don't change, we don't grow!

If we resist the newness of life, we never get to experience all that's waiting on the other side.  I know "nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change" - as Mary Shelley put it - but I also know that if we want to come out better and on top, we have got to be okay with change.

Me starting She's Free and deciding to take on a different life path (different from what I had been doing) is me welcoming change and all the blessings that it will bring.

My number one goal for this platform is to also help you go forth boldly toward the next, best, and greatest places of your life as well.  After all, as young & ambitious women that's what we desire to do anyways - right? :)

    Some may consider this platform to be a lifestyle blog, but I'd like to think of this as a...

    Life Skills Space

    A space where young, beautiful, bold and ambitious woman who want to get over some hurdles, take leaps of faith and let some shit go - hang out and have real life conversation.  Is this YOU?  If so, you're sooo in the right place. 

    As we go forth, I will be spilling all sorts of "tea" on my challenges, successes, hard-headed moments, bumps, bruises, pains, and of course victories as I've journeyed through life, relationships, the work world and entrepreneurship.

    What does this all mean for you?  Well it means that you get first hand scoop on the "how to's"and "what not to's" that I've learned along the way, along with a ton of juicy inspiration.

    You can specifically look forward to at least two juicy posts per month centered around:

      • Risk taking

      • Confidence, self-esteem, and self-love

      • Go-getting and goal setting (career, finance, and entrepreneurial)

      • Relationships

      • Wellness, beauty, natural body care & more.

      And since most "greatness" we experience begins with the desire to take a different approach, the decision to try some thing different, and the willingness to adapt and adjust...

      This months focus will be all about, drum roll......- CHANGE!

      So stay tuned ----

      And in the meantime, take a moment to share your experiences with "change".

       Are you currently in the process of making some major life changes?  Have you had trouble adjusting to change? How have you or do you deal with change?  Is there anything specific you'd like me to cover under this theme? Share with us below!

      Until next time, I love you like XO! (in my best Bey voice :)


      Precious Frazier
      Precious Frazier

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