EucaLuxe Milk Bath

EucaLuxe Milk Bath

$ 13.99

Our EucaLuxe Milk Bath was created to provide you with a top-notch bathing experience.  Each pouch contains goat milk, powdered bubble bath and essential oils. 

This milk bath is both beautiful and nourishing to the mind, body and skin. It's perfect for self-love Sunday's or any other day where relaxation is needed.  


Simply pour 1/4 cup into your bath and allow the bubbles and eucalyptus aroma to wrap themselves around you.    


The 2oz milk bath has 2-3 servings and the 4oz bath has 5-6 servings.


The EucaLuxe milk bath is perfect after a long day and much needed relaxation.  The goat milk - which is the base ingredient used in our milk baths - is extremely hydrating and nourishing for the skin and the eucalyptus oil is great for boosting the energy while also relaxing the muscles.  

*We use the best quality of natural ingredients in all of our products.  To review a full list of ingredients and their amazing benefits click here.

** To preserve freshness of contents keep pouch sealed close, dry, and away from light.