Self-Care Strategy Session

Self-Care Strategy Session

$ 157.00

Sometimes self-care can seem like just another thing that’s on the to-do list - especially when it’s not led by the guiding light of your spirit.

And while, it can seem really cool and productive to take on weekly self-care practices, I know what it’s like for those same practices to make you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and drained…leaving you questioning what the point of this “whole self care thing” is anyways.

Through the self-care strategy session, I show you a more fulfilling and sustainable way to nurture and care for yourself. We work together to identify your needs for mind, body and soul nourishment and implement a plan that’s in direct alignment with those needs.

After our session you’ll gain a greater sense of clarity and direction and you’ll be equipped to truly care for yourself in the way that is sustainable, nourishing and unique to you!

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