About the Founder

Hi! I'm Precious - a young girl from Pittsburgh, PA living in Atlanta. 

I love all things wellness - yoga, healthy eats, fitness, mediation - and singing/dancing off key to gospel music, love songs, and trap music.

While I hold several degrees and many titles -  Author, Meditation Teacher, and Wellness Practitioner are my faves.

I started my journey as a wellness coach back in 2012, when I received my holistic health coaching certification. As a wellness coach, I’ve helped women (and men) achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals while also empowering them to live an authentic and full life.

After watching many clients reach their goals, only to fall back into self-defeating eating and living patterns, I realized that clients needed more than nutritional support.

In 2016, I launched my blog as a way to empower women to push back against all that gets in the way of one being whole, living well and being free. 

In early 2018, it became apparent that the purpose of the blog had been fulfilled, Later that year I decided to close the door and launch PRECIOUS IAM.  

Precious IAM was created as a way to affirm myself and my power and a call for you to do the same!

Here on preciousiam.com you will get connected to our wellness workshops/experiences, affirmations book, empowering content, inspirational apparel and more.

I encourage you to stay a while, look around, and check out the many ways that I'm happy to serve you!


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