Our Story + Mission

Welcome Beauty! I’m Precious - owner/founder of Red Lip Therapy, Certified Wellness Coach, and Meditation Teacher.  Aside from titles, I am simply a woman who wants to see you feel good, look good and truly let your light shine!

I know there may be many things/people that have tried to dim your light, chip away at your confidence and cause you to not feel so good about yourself.

And while challenges with self-doubt and self-confidence are normal, what I really want you to know is you can be the beautiful, bold and confident woman you desire to be! You simply have to choose to show up as her each day!

Red Lip Therapy was actually created to help you do it.

What started as on online movement encouraging women to be bold and confident by wearing red lipstick has since evolved into our dual brands - Red Lip Therapy and Red Lip Therapy Plus+.

Red Lip Therapy and RLT Plus+ is a beauty and lifestyle brand inspired by the transformative power of red lipstick.

We know that red lipstick isn't just makeup but a statement of courage, boldness and authenticity. It's a declaration that you refuse to hide behind masks and facades and a reminder to break free from the invisible walls preventing you from being unapologetically you. 

Because we're here to help you do just that we've created an array of clean beauty and self care goods - including our vibrant shades of red lipstick - that help you stand out, shine bright, and courageously take up space in the world.

Though Red Lip Therapy and Red Lip Therapy Plus+ share the same mission, Red Lip Therapy houses our lipstick and lip care goods while RLT Plus+ houses everything in addition to the lip. 

Our ultimate goal, through our products and brand, is to help bring out the most  beautiful, bold and confident YOU! 

Whether throwing on a red lip to head out for a night on the town, participating in our #redlipandfit initiative, lathering your skin in our body oil daily to achieve a beautiful glow, or spending your Sunday indulging in our luxurious milk bath,you're sure to be left feeling like the star you are.

PS: Since you landed here chances are you are on the journey to being the most beautiful, bold and confident you and we are excited to support you. Free to join our e-community here and delve into our lip and beauty goods here.


Precious and Red Lip Therapy 

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