About Precious

Hello Love! I’m Precious :)

I trust that you landed here because you’re ready to take a big step toward your true happiness, healing, and well-being.  If so, you’re in the right place!

What I’ve discovered through my years of being a Wellness Practitioner is that we all want the freedom, fulfillment, inner peace, and purpose that self-love practices promise but we’re not going deep enough to get it.

Self-love is more than spa dates, wine-down Wednesday’s, vacay and body goals.

The true self-love journey calls you to develop a deep and intimate relationship with self. It calls you to really look at what’s in the way of your happiness and healing, and take intentional action toward removing the blocks so you create a loving relationship with yourself, others and your life. 

No matter where you are at on your personal journey…

I want you to know this:

You can have a feel good living experience.

You can heal from past wounds, trauma and drama.

You can free yourself from fears, insecurities, and self-doubt.

You can be free of depression, stress and anxiety.

You can have a healthy relationship with yourself, your body, your mind and those in your circle.

You can live a life that’s in alignment with your deepest wishes and desires.

How do I know? - I am living proof!

By walking the path of self-love, deep self-awareness and authentic self-expression I’ve overcome some of my deepest insecurities, greatest fears, anxiety, depression, body image issues, emotional/binge eating, lack of clarity with my vision, purpose and more. Getting to this place wasn’t easy, but I AM HERE and you can arrive here too!

Don’t worry - I’ll show you how!

Through my content, virtual healing community, and self-love centered products, I share all the same tools that I've used to heal, grow and manifest my dream life, relationship with myself and others.  

I am here for your happiness and healing and encourage you to stay connected with me on Instagram or join the 'Healing SZN' virtual community to get started with your journey.

Can't wait to connect with you soon!