Our Story + Mission

As women, we oftentimes search outside of ourselves to feel loved, valued, affirmed and beautiful. While the quest for external love and validation is normal,  true confidence, security and beauty comes from the inside.

It comes from developing a deep and intimate relationship with the self and by continually asking the questions of:

  • What do I need to feel loved, valued and appreciated?
  • How can I honor myself, my needs, wants and desires?
  • How can I best nourish my mind, body, soul and skin?

When we connect with the wisdom of our inner world and align our lives with it, we naturally begin to glow externally.

As one who has battled with insecurity, low self-esteem, and confidence,  I certainly know this to be true.  

I know the power of trusting your own opinions over others, the beauty in experiencing internal love vs demanding it outside of yourself, the value in speaking and standing up for yourself, and the importance of owning your worth and embracing your beauty.  

I know that prioritizing self-love is how you release yourself from the things don't serve you and is the path to radiating true confidence, beauty and well-being. 

I started Red Lip Therapy to help women do just that. At Red Lip Therapy we provide luxe body care products, therapeutic chats, and thought provoking content that affirm you, call you back home to yourself, and enhance your mind, skin and self-love journey.

More than anything we want you to know that you are love, you are loved and self-love IS your power.   

I am excited we connected here + look forward to journeying together with you!

Xx, Precious

- Red Lip Therapy Owner and Founder