Our Story + Mission

Welcome Beauty! I’m Precious - owner/founder of Red Lip Therapy, Certified Wellness Coach, and Meditation Teacher.  Aside from titles, I am simply a woman who wants see you live a life that genuinely feels good on the inside and out.

As women, this is certainly one of our deepest desires but oftentimes our loving/service oriented nature coupled with life's many demands get in the way of such. We find ourselves giving our time, energy and love in service to the world while (sometimes unintentionally) neglecting our own needs.

As one who was a serious "yes" girl with a naturally huge heart, I know this to be true.

I know how easy it can be to abandon self in an effort to be there for others, especially when serving others brings you joy. I also know how doing so can leave you feeling distracted (from your own dreams, plans and goals), drained, depleted, disregarded and even disrespected. 

And while It’s completely okay to have a loving heart, sometimes we lovers miss that we are the ones who need our love and service the most.

It's honestly from that place that Red Lip Therapy was born.

What started as an online movement encouraging women to be bold and confident by wearing a red lip and has since evolved into a luxe beauty and wellness brand.

Red Lip Therapy's mission is to help women embrace self-love and radiate true confidence, well-being and beauty. 

Red Lip Therapy believes true beauty is a byproduct of loving on and taking care of yourself and offers luxury, handmade goods that call women back home to the self and enhance the mind, skin and self-love journey.

Red Lip Therapy envisions a world of women who feel good, confident and empowered within themselves and we're here to help her do it. 

PS: Since you landed here chances are you are on the journey to self-love and we are excited to support you. Free to join our e-community here and delve into our lip and beauty goods here.


Precious and Red Lip Therapy 

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