Our Story + Mission

Welcome Beauty! I’m Precious - owner/founder of Red Lip Therapy, Certified Wellness Coach, and Meditation Teacher.  Aside from titles, I am simply a woman who wants to see you feel good, look good and truly let your light shine!

I know there may be many things/people that have tried to dim your light, chip away at your confidence and cause you to not feel so good about yourself.

And while challenges with self-doubt and lack of confidence are normal, what I really want you to know is you can be the beautiful, bold and confident woman you desire to be! You simply have to choose to show up as her each day!

Red Lip Therapy was actually created to help you do it.

What started as on online movement encouraging women to be bold and confident by wearing red lipstick has since evolved into our product based biz.

Red Lip Therapy offers handmade lipstick, lip care and beauty care goods - as well as rich content - that lifts the mood and confidence in an instance. 

Of course our lipstick and beauty goods is some of why people love us, but our mission extends beyond cosmetics and a red lip and focuses on building healthy esteem and confidence in women. 

We know that when a woman becomes confident and secure she takes her power back from everything and everyone that tried to steal it from her. And when she operates from this empowered vs disempowered place, she is not only less depressed and more at peace, but she also choose better outcomes for herself.  

With that, we're on mission is help women feel good inside and out and ultimately show up as THAT GIRL. 

We dream of a world of women who freely let their light shine and have all they need to never feel less than again. 

PS: Since you landed here chances are you are on the journey to being the most beautiful, bold and confident you and we are excited to support you. Free to join our e-community here and delve into our lipstick and lip care goods here.


Precious and Red Lip Therapy 

Our motto: when the world seeks to tear a woman down, we'll be here building her up!

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