Our Story + Mission


Hi Beauty! Welcome! I’m Precious - owner/founder of Red Lip Therapy, Certified Wellness Coach, and Meditation Teacher.  Aside from titles, I am simply a woman who wants to see you live your most authentically beautiful, bold and confident life!

As women, this is certainly one of our deepest desires but oftentimes lingering insecurities and ever changing beauty demands get in the way of us feeling good about ourselves and fully letting our light shine. 

As one who personally struggled with feeling good, inside and out, I know this to be true. I also know when you focus on truly loving yourself, it's possible to bring the beautiful, bold and secure you to every occasion, relationship, event and experience.

It’s actually from this place that Red Lip Therapy was born.  

What started as an online movement encouraging women to wear a red lip to be bold and confident has since evolved into a beauty care brand and self-love movement.

Though rigid beauty standards suggest otherwise, Red Lip Therapy believes every woman is - and deserves to feel - beautiful. Red Lip Therapy is on a mission to support women in showing up to life as their most authentically beautiful, bold and confident selves.

Red Lip Therapy offers a variety of skin nourishing, confidence boosting goods that are perfect for glowing skin, daily self-love, date nights, girls nights out,  and more!

Red Lip Therapy believes every woman should feel completely empowered within herself and aspires to be the largest beauty brand and self-love movement making it possible.

PS: Since you landed here chances are you are on the journey to self-love and we are excited to support you. Free to join our e-community here and delve into our lip and beauty goods here.


Precious and Red Lip Therapy