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We take pride in creating natural and health conscious body care products that are not only nourishing for your skin but therapeutic for your mind, body, soul!
Our products are made in small batches with integrity and intention. We firmly believe health and healing begins with those two ingredients and we take great care to pour love, good vibes, and well wishes into each product that we craft. 
As a small maker company, we are truly proud of the goods we offer and are happy to sayWe are Made Free! 


Rather than offer you an array of goods  available all throughout the year - as most shops do - we decided to keep things interesting. HOW? 
 THE FRAMEWORK - We offer 4 collections per year, but only showcase one themed collection every quarter.
THE RELEASE - With each collection we offer apparel, accessories and wellness goods that are aligned with said collection.
THE GAG -At the close of the quarter, we close the current collection and move to a new one. None of the products offered in any current collection will be available in the following collection.  
THE KEY - If you really love an item - get it while it's hot!  If not, check back with regularly too see what's new.

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