Rosie Gold Body Oil

Rosie Gold Body Oil

$ 17.99

Our Rosie Gold Body Oil is a perfect addition to your bath and/or can be used after bathing/showering. This oil is made up of apricot oil, essential oils, rose buds and 24K gold and was created to not only nourish your skin, but your mind, body and soul.  As its silkiness graces your skin may you be reminded to be loving, gentle and kind with yourself. 


Apricot oil, rose buds, 24K gold, and rose, lavender, vanilla essential oils.


Apply liberally all over body.  For best results apply to damp skin right after bath or shower.


Our Rosie Gold body oil is not only super moisturizing but it leaves the skin very silky without being over oily. The essential oils used in this body oil are both calming and uplifting, and the 24K gold is full of antioxidants which help preserve your youthful glow!

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